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Discover files with Personal Identification Information (PII) and other regulated content so you can establish information governance policies and ensure compliance.

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Provide Current Intelligence

With DefendX Intelligence, it’s now feasible to sift through millions, even billions of files and index their content in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions. This drastically compresses information governance timelines by reducing discovery and indexing completion times from weeks to minutes or even seconds. Leveraging GPU technology resources allows DefendX Intelligence to complete file processing up to 350 times faster than legacy CPU-based techniques. Now, it’s possible to keep information governance policies current with frequent updates from even the largest file repositories.

Automate Data Classification

DefendX Intelligence offers supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning for insightful clustering and association of “like” documents. Now, it’s possible to quickly and easily identify and group specific types of documents based on their content. This drastically accelerates the classification process and provides additional insight into the potential classification of files for the purpose of future disposal, or relocation for security and behavior auditing.

DefendX Intelligence Features


Index files based on their content in a fraction of the time.


Find files quickly with lightning-fast search through indexed content.


Automatically classify like documents based on content and other criteria.


Leverage supervised or unsupervised machine learning to accelerate document classification.


Ensure compliance with important regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, DFARS and others.


Define and execute remediation policies for files with regulated content.


DefendX Intelligence Resources

From technical documents to white papers, we have everything you need to learn more about DefendX Intelligence and all of our other products and solutions.

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