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Your corporate file environment has been hijacked, and its consuming storage faster than you can buy it.

Terabytes – even petabytes of capacity are being swallowed up by old files that haven’t been touched in years. And you’re spending money and time backing them up – over and over again.

Left alone, this neglect results in revenue loss and puts risk at the forefront. It’s time to do something about it.

DefendX Mobility gives you the power to:

  • Minimize file storage costs and improve backup efficiency through seamless, open, policy-based tiering and archiving
  • Redirect storage growth to less expensive on-premise and/or cloud-based storage solutions
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in through standards-based, open software architecture and file migration
  • Reduce risk and enable disaster tolerance through off-site and cloud-based copies of important data
  • Reduce complexity by combining backup and archiving into a single software engine
  • Simplify adoption with a seamless user experience and a phased implementation schedule

DefendX Mobility Features


Seamlessly move inactive files to lower cost storage systems or cloud services.


Secure archived files by restricting copy-access to harmless stubs.


Archive critical files to multiple targets or utilize backup stubs to create copies.


Move files & stubs between NAS platforms to simplify platform transitions and preserve archives.


Leverage S3-compliant cloud targets to reduce data center footprint.


Use archiving to reduce backup workloads and shorten backup cycles.


DefendX Mobility Resources

From technical documents to white papers, we have everything you need to learn more about DefendX Mobility and all of our other products and solutions.

Read our blog post here to see how DefendX Software Mobility helps you implement a good file data management system. 

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