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Discover exactly what’s being stored in your corporate file environment, so you can take action and plan for the future.

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Your corporate file environment is full of secrets.

What types of files do you have? How much capacity are they consuming? How old are they? When were they last touched or modified? How quickly are they growing? How much are they costing you? Left unanswered, these questions result in revenue loss and put risk at the forefront. It’s your job to know it and stop it.

DefendX Vision gives you the power to:

  • Gain insights through detailed reports with drill downs for every storage device, volume and share in your environment
  • Provide intelligence on storage consumption, growth rates and costs by user, department, or category
  • Mitigate risk by discovering who is storing unwanted files in your environment
  • Assess potential cost savings through archival of old files and removal of duplicate and unwanted files
  • Plan storage growth by understanding growth trends and cost factors
  • Deter wasteful consumption with hard and soft chargebacks for organizational groups in your environment

DefendX Vision Features


View detailed statistics about file types, storage volumes and storage resource usage.


Find out what files can be removed and what files may represent risk.


Evaluate the potential benefits of storage resource controls and file archiving.


Understand growth rates to plan for future purchases, or potential savings.


Establish and enforce fiscal accountability for storage resource usage.


Understand file growth and storage resource consumption over time.


DefendX Vision Resources

From technical documents to white papers, we have everything you need to learn more about DefendX Vision and all of our other products and solutions.

Read our blog post here to see how DefendX Software Vision helps you implement a good file data management system.

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Protecting the Value of Your Business Data with DefendX Software File Intelligence

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