E-Tiering Cloud Appliance

The E-Tiering Cloud Appliance was designed to address the volumes of unstructured file data that are growing everyday within enterprises.  ETCA is an all-in appliance; meaning that it is easy to adopt and deploy.  It brings modular scaling to minimize IS/IT operational workload.

E-Tiering Cloud Appliance

Powerful Data

Featuring robust, enterprise-wide file data analytics and reporting, ETCA helps you analyze file data, growth and usage trends, so that you can predict your future storage needs. With ETCA, you can plan ahead and realize the full benefit of your file data tiering investment.

E-Tiering Cloud Appliance
E-Tiering Cloud Appliance

Clean, Sophisticated Storage

ETCA is designed to contain, provide for and manage the volumes of untouched unstructured file data that resides in operational primary storage.  Through file tiering and file archiving, it helps remove stale file data from costly primary storage.  Only ETCA takes a flexible approach to file data migration with event and policy-driven movement.

Vigorous File Curation

In conjunction with file data categorization based on industry standard SQL, ETCA delivers powerful file curation.

E-Tiering Cloud Appliance


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