Insider Threat Protection for NetApp

Insider threats continue to increase. Are your critical files at risk?

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The Insider Threat is Real

Each year, the number of incidents and breaches grows. With digital transformation fueling the growth of electronic data, more and more critical assets are being stored as files within large digital file repositories. While there are many solutions designed to keep outside threats from getting in, many of the most damaging incidents involve trusted insiders. These are people within an organization who already have access privileges to critical files.

Tracking, Alerting, Auditing, Enforcement

As a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions for digital files, NetApp has partnered with DefendX to provide a comprehensive solution for insider threats. Through tight integration with NetApp storage systems running ONTAP, DefendX provides real-time tracking and alerting of file operations, along with enforcement of file management policies. These operations are also logged to provide the basis for user behavior analysis and deep forensic auditing.

Solution Resources

From technical documents to white papers, we have everything you need to learn more about DefendX Control and all of our other products and solutions.

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