At DefendX, we are pleased to announce our solution partnership with Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company that delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage

Solution Partnership

DefendX remains focused on building a diverse and complete ecosystem of solution partners to address a wide range of storage use cases and applications for customers.  Following the successful launch of Wasabi’s hot storage service in 2017, DefendX is excited to add Wasabi to our existing roster of solution partners including:

While many of Wasabi’s customers are familiar with cloud storage and the tools to use to leverage the service, there are also some customers that turn to Wasabi for trusted solution recommendations, particularly when dealing with the management and control of unstructured file data. This is where DefendX Software can help. DefendX Software’s Mobility product helps customers archive stale file data with Wasabi in a simple and seamless manner.
DefendX Software’s Mobility product coupled with Wasabi’s hot storage service provides a highly-capable cloud storage solution for Wasabi’s growing base of customers. DefendX welcomes the Wasabi Software team to our solution partnership family and together, we look forward to addressing our customer’s requirements regarding the management and control of unstructured file data.

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